A Note From The Owners

Welcome to Ocean Breeze!

Tucked away in the heart of breathtaking Hatteras Island, our property is not just a vacation spot, but a serene haven where the wonders of nature come alive. From mesmerizing sunsets that paint the sky to the quiet beauty of moonlit nights, we have crafted a sanctuary for you to revel in these moments, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Here is some helpful information to know before you book:

- Check-In & Check-Out: Begin your journey into tranquility by checking in at 5 pm on Saturdays (or as scheduled during the off-season). We bid you farewell at 10 am on your departure day, hoping you'll return soon.

- Trash Disposal: We maintain a clean environment. Please remember to put out trash on Monday and Thursday evenings.

- House Rules: Our sanctuary thrives on respect. No smoking indoors, and remember only toilet paper down the toilets. If pets are joining your retreat, kindly ensure they respect our space as much as you do.

- Property Care: Our home is your home. Treasure the furniture, be conscious of potential water leaks in the bathroom, and ensure the dryer remains stationary for everyone's safety.

- Grill and Hot Tub: Indulge in a BBQ evening or relax in our hot tub, but always ensure safety first. Follow our simple guidelines for a memorable experience.

- Entertainment & Connectivity: Dive into our collection of movies, streaming options, and more. For any tech-related queries, Silicon Travel is ready to assist.

- Embrace the Local Charm: The magic of Hatteras Island is interwoven with its environment. Treasure our sand dunes, understand the beach driving codes, and immerse yourself in the authentic island vibe.

Should you need guidance or have any queries, we're always here for you. Our deepest wish is for you to absorb the enchantment Ocean Breeze has to offer. Cherish the sunsets, dream under the moonlight, and leave with a piece of Hatteras Island in your heart.

With warmth and anticipation,

Hilary and David


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